Number of spaces & default templates

please don’t crucify me but I like to use two spaces for tabs and indentation, rather than four. I regularly find myself copying in my own PluginProcessor.h/cpp PluginEditor.h/cpp after creating a project with projucer. it would be great if it was dead easy to store my own templates, with different spacings/default features.

2?? my god… shouldn’t be allowed!

I use three! A god compromise between line length and readability.


that’s not even a power of 2!!

Fancy programmers use primes for security reasons…


Why limiting to integer numbers? or even rational numbers?

For example, I find it particularly easy on the eyes when my code is indented exactly π spaces. I’ve tried e spaces in the past, but that wasn’t my thing


Well, GlyphArrangement supports floating point positioning if you want to be a total madman on JUCE terms…

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At least no one is suggesting using tabs