Two points

one:  when the new forum comes in, there really needs to be a place to ask questions like this

two:  how can i set up xcode so that it doesn't automatically force me into using tabs? 
 (and even better, is there a way i can map the tab key on my mac to make two spaces??)

well, considering that xcode suggests tabs, and Juce suggests not tabs, i would go with "no, this is a Juce question".  I want to make my stuff fit the Juce model.  I like the Juce model. I'm asking about Juce. 

thanks for the answer.  trying it out now ;)



Xcode -> Preferences -> Text Editing -> Indentation

Prefer indent using: "Spaces"


You can change the number of spaces a tab is here too but don't set it to 2. It's very difficult to read;)