kAudioUnitProperty_SupportsMPE in macOS 10.12 SDK

Trying to build plugins in Xcode 8, the AU wrapper fails to build due to ambiguous reference to kAudioUnitProperty_SupportsMPE, which refers to juce::kAudioUnitProperty_SupportsMPE, a custom AudioUnit property declared in juce_AudioUnitPluginFormat.h, and also a new property added in the new sdk in AudioToolbox/AudioUnitProperties.h with value 58.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix this.

btw this issue is now also in the issue tracker.
Cheers, Yair

Hi, just downloaded the lates from github today. But the error still remains. Has it already been fixed?


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to +1 this issue with Xcode 8 beta 4.


Yes it’s fixed on the develop branch.

Sorry for the dumb question, but how do I get the latest development build?

You need to switch the branch from “master” to “develop” in git.

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