Lastest tip - new SDK required?

so it seems the latest tip (1.53.102) requires to update my SDK? . I’m still using “6.0A” which was shipped with VS2008, and because i never encountered any problems with it, i didn’t changed it.

With the latest tip i get this error:
it misses “dxtrans.h”, should i install the Direct X SDK? or the latest Windows SDK, really?

I’m a little bit scared installing updating SDK, destroying my perfect working developing system.

Whats the last SDK i can safely use with VS2008+JUCE ?

Any help appreciated!

1>C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\include\qedit.h(498) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'dxtrans.h': No such file or directory
1>Build log was saved at "file://c:\cpp_projects\juceGit_ASIO_WASAPI_QUICKTIME\Builds\VisualStudio2008\Debug\BuildLog.htm"

When i try to disable the DIRECTSHOW and MEDIAFONDATION flags in juce_Config i got much more inclusion errors.

You should be able to disable those flags without any problems (?) What errors was it giving you when you tried that?

But if you want to get it working, I put a big comment above the actual include statement:


/* If you’re using the camera classes, you’ll need access to a few DirectShow headers.

 These files are provided in the normal Windows SDK, but some Microsoft plonker
 didn't realise that qedit.h doesn't actually compile without the rest of the DirectShow SDK..
 Microsoft's suggested fix for this is to hack their qedit.h file! See:
 .. which is a bit of a bodge, but a lot less hassle than installing the full DShow SDK.

 An alternative workaround is to create a dummy dxtrans.h file and put it in your include path.
 The dummy file just needs to contain the following content:
    #define __IDxtCompositor_INTERFACE_DEFINED__
    #define __IDxtAlphaSetter_INTERFACE_DEFINED__
    #define __IDxtJpeg_INTERFACE_DEFINED__
    #define __IDxtKey_INTERFACE_DEFINED__
..and that should be enough to convince qedit.h that you have the SDK!

#include <dshow.h>[/code]

I too don’t want to D/L the SDK because I don’t need the DirectShowComponent. However, when compiling (via juce_amalgamated_template.cpp), juce_win32_DirectShowComponent.cpp has:

at top. Shouldn’t it be

??. At least that’s what it takes to successfully compile JUCE…

[quote=“robiwan”]Shouldn’t it be

??. At least that’s what it takes to successfully compile JUCE…[/quote]


Sorry, yes - TheVinn already mentioned that, and I changed it but haven’t checked-in yet… Will do so momentarily…

Thank you! :slight_smile: