Layout selected (grouped) components

I’m using Jucer to prototype screens at the moment, so I keep coming up with little things that would improve my work flow.

A neat feature (being new, forgive me if I missed this) would be to select (or group) several components, particularily buttons, and chose “Align horizontally” or something like that, and have Jucer automatically align them side by side, the same height and width. Kind of like QT Designer does.


yeah, that’d be good, just not enough hours in the day to add all these things. Feel free to hack away at the jucer yourself, of course - that’s the beauty of open-source!

Off topic, what happens to GPL code people submit when a customer wants to buy a license? Is that submitted GPL code included?

If you want to give me something to officially add to the library, then you’d have to agree that the copyright gets assigned to me - it’d make things far too complicated otherwise. Though in practice, nobody actually tends to submit more than a few snippets of code, and I generally re-write it all anyway, being a bit of a control-freak!

Fair enough!