Linking problem in Live Building

I need to link to an .so file and export to Xcode.
I specify a -L and a directory path in the Extra linker flags section for Xcode in Projucer.
I list the lib file name in External libraries to link. I omit the opening ‘lib’ and trailing .so
I can then export to an xcode project and compile and run successfuly.

My problem is, that Live Build does not work and gets errors trying satisfy the missing routines. The Live Build Settings does not have an Extra linker flag section but is has an Extra dynamic library section and Extra compiler flags section. I’ve not been able to make these work.

I’m now fiddling with the -Wl option and adding it to the Extra compiler flags. This should pass the options to the linker.

I’ve tried:

Am I on the right track?

The Projucer does not allow linking in external libraries in the live build system. Sorry :frowning:

Thanks, that’s very odd. There must be a good reason for this.