Live Build errors, Xcode compiles

This small test project ist just a Main.cpp file that includes a header. The header is from a template- and C++11-heavy library. The project compiles fine in Xcode, but the Projucer Live Build gives compiler errors about comparisons between pointer and integer. I didn’t change any build settings in Projucer or Xcode.

Is there a way to see the complete compiler/linker flags used for the Live Build? Otherwise it’s hard to track down why the Live Build behaves differently from Xcode.

We’ve been fixing a few projucer bugs since the 4.2.0 release - have you tried building it from the latest github source?

Yes, it was the latest github source (at the time of writing). Does the example work on your system?

Can you please post more specifically what build errors in what files you are getting?

FYI, the Live Build does not do the same as a normal build with compile and link steps, there’s a lot of other stuff going on under the hood, so it’s not exactly straightforward to expose all the build settings… also it’s not using the same Clang/LLVM variety as Xcode does for compilation! So some differences are expected.

Ah, I just noticed you attached an example project. Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Hi basteln, we could make a few improvements in the Projucer and with the next release we can support basic usage of RxCpp in live builds! Thanks again for filing this one!

Sounds good. I’ll give it a try once it’s out :slight_smile: