Loading different vst3 builds in a host


What I would like to achieve is the ability to have several different builds of the same plug-in and load them all into a daw at the same time in order to shoot-out different configurations.

What needs to change to allow this to happen, and is this something that can be done via defines, or build scripts?

Any info would be great, thanks.

AFAIK this can be done in the projucer: you need to change both the binary name in the exporter and the plugin code in the main tab. With VS for example this implies saving the configuration in the projucer and accepting the “reload all” dialogue box in VS.
You could have a different binary name for the debug and release exporter configuration, but this would not help as they would share the same plugin code.
A simple solution would be to build different formats, eg VST2, VST3 and AU.