LV2 plugins question


Are there any news about the LV2 plugin integration - is this already done?
I only read about it in a thread a year ago:

I would be interested in developing LV2 and VST plugins using the same code base …

Any hints or example projects are highly appreciated!
Thanks a lot,

I coded that wrapper some time ago, now it needs some basic updates. I plan to do those later this month.

The main issue with those I think it’s save-state support, for which I manually patch juce to allow to use strings (much better and safer against binary data in my opinion).

Latest source code here:
(again, needs a little bit of update, which I will do later this month).

Thanks for your reply and great work!
Let us know if you do any update … I am really looking for a way to develop LV2 and VST :slight_smile: !