Any plans to implement LV2 ?

or DSSI ?

My guess is that LV2 is the future for Linux softsynth plugins. But who knows?


I’d never heard of LV2 before, but it does sound like it’d be a good addition to the plugin wrapper. I’m so busy at the moment though, that I can’t even say when I’d have time to look into it…

Anything new, on that topic?

There’s just a discussion goin on in the renoise forum,
wether it should implement lv2 or not…

One point is, that there are not that much plugins around…

A lot of the native linux vst-plugins are done in juce,
(my impression), so adding lv2 support in juce
would make the amount of plugins available rapidly larger…

Also Ardour is planing to support LV2 in their next releases,
(seemingly in the svn already)

LV2 looks like it could be a free VST…
I like Free stuff :stuck_out_tongue:




any updates on this? with lv2 support one could write true cross-platform audio plugins with juce, that are ready to use within ardour …