macOS 10.12 Sierra

Has someone already tested macOS Sierra with JUCE?

We’ve done a few tests. Other than a bunch of deprecated warnings, everything seems to work. We are working on updating the JUCE code to get rid of those warnings.

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Hi, we experience a crash issue on macOS Sierra. The root causes are

  1. NSTextInput protocol has been deprecated in 10.7, App must use NSTextInputClient instead; however, the latest JUCE still use deprecated NSTextInput protocol.
  2. characterIndexForPoint: is a required selector for NSTextInputClient protocol, same as the above, it seems the latest JUCE doesn’t implement this selector.
    Can JUCE developers help to identify these issues? Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up. We’ll have a look.

QuickTime Sdk have been removed in Xcode 8.0 ( Mac os 10.12), the juce video player using this technology is no longer available. Have you planned to fix this soon ?