'Made with JUCE' is shown also with a valid license

Today I installed JUCE7 for testing, as projects created with JUCE 6.1.0 failed compiling on Visual Studio 2019. I regret this, since I noticed later that the upgrade is not free and does not anything useful for me. Then I deleted JUCE7 and moved back to 6.1.6.

To make things even worse this did destroy my valid and expensive perpetual JUCE6 license that I bought just a few months ago. Now ‘made with JUCE’ is always shown in th GUI although I am correctly singned in in the Projucer.

1.)How can I get JUCE back to working?

2.) Is there no grace period for JUCE7 people who a bought a JUCE6 perpetual license just a few months ago? I feel a bit ripped off.

There is a config switch in Projucer to remove the Splash screen. Have you checked that this wasn’t unintentionally switched on?
You can also override the config settings in the user section in AppConfig.h to avoid Projucer messing with your settings (in compliance with your license):


// (You can add your own code in this section, and the Projucer will not overwrite it)


About your second question I guess it’s best to get in touch with the juce team directly via email.

Thanks daniel,

  1. In my case upgrading Visual Studio from 2019 to 2022 did magically solve the issue with the broken license. Not sure why, but it might be related to caching or incorrect references in the projects.

  2. Affects also other owners and people who intend to buy expensive perpetual licenses. I’d appreciate an official statement

All JUCE 6 perpetual license holders are entitled to a 30% discount when upgrading to a JUCE 7 perpetual license. There are more details on the FAQ, here.

You may be entitled to a further discount, depending on how recently you bought your license. Eligible license holders should have received an email notifying them that this additional discount was available.

If you have any further questions, I’d encourage you to contact support at info@juce.com, including the email address of the account that you used to purchase your license.

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Thanks for your answer reuk. I send you an email.