Major forum update coming soon

Regarding RSS

Except it only display new thread and not new post in existing thread...

This post is now sticky. I'll update the first post once we have a known launch date. 

I've added RSS to the "nice to have" list. I know it's possible. 

One feature that we'd like to add is the voting system, similar to Stack Overflow. That would be useful to identify best answers to a question, and also features in high demand (including forum features). 

All the features won't be there from day 1, but bear with us! Discourse is highly customisable, and we'll iterate on it once it's there. 

It might be an idea to get a MediaWiki up and running. Then the community could start populating it with content. I've got one up and running on a remote server just to organise my own work -- it's pretty easy to set up.

'Open source JUCE projects' would be a sensible page to have.

The problem with forum type things is that they become disorganised over time.


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I have configured my IRC bot to listen for feeds.

I've also configured it to listen for Stack Overflow questions tagged with JUCE.

I agree it would be nice if the feed handled replies. It's a bit useless if it doesn't do that.  Could we maybe have a separate feed that handles original posts+replies?


Would be nice if users didn't have to reregister themselves on the new forum. I've been hanging out here for almost 8 years, it's something I'm quite proud of!  

I fully agree to this minimal set.

Other things (for me) are "nice-to-have" (except perhaps the also mentioned "see a list of your own posts").



EVERY other forum software has this feature.  I was really disappointed when i joined this forum and realized how difficult it would be to find my own posts smh


If you haven't looked at the following forums for style, please check them out before you commit to Dis-whatever it's called as your forum backend: this uses SimpleMachineForum This uses This uses 


some interesting things you can do on the above forums: tag users in your post with the @<username>.  they'll receive a notification that they were tagged in a post when they log in.   You can also 'thumbs up' a post on SMF and Proboards forums.


One of my favorite features of the RGO forum is for multi-page threads.  the page number selector and search bar always hovers at the top of your browser window, regardless of where you've scrolled in the thread.  this makes it super easy to jump/search pages without having to scroll to the end of the page for a thread.

It would be really nice to be able to list posts by timestamp, irrespective of thread or forum.

"Most recent activity".

Maybe one line per post, just so you can fit a day's worth of traffic on-screen.

And have an RSS feed for that.

Could even hook up a listener in the ProJucer...


PS also it would be nice if the webpage automatically refreshes itself every few seconds, so you get a notification if someone posts something new, rather than having to keep going back to the page and manually refreshing.

It would be good if admins could close threads, so that they could redirect duplicates.

Nothing worse than having the same information spattered over five different locations.



+1 for sure

The current multi-level reply system is confusing because messages are not being displayed in chronological order.

This is a problem in particular for the "view new messages" feature, because reply messages could be spead across multiple pages in a long topic (e.g. the "licensing options" topic) and there is no single point where "new messages start from here".

The "view new messages" link points you to the first new message listed, but then when you visit the next page in the topic searching for the other new messages, the "new message" flag gets discarded because the topic has been marked as visited when the page containg the first new message has been served to the reader.

Were it for me, I'd stick to the linear, chronological order of posting that was used before, relying only on quoting for replying to specific messages.

Yeah, I agree. The new forum won't be threaded.

It would be nice to encourage users of the new forum to create a profile paragraph, where they can say who they are and what they're up to.

I'm not even sure if this is possible with the current forum, if it is it's rather obscure and nobody seems to be using it. I've just clicked on half a dozen users and nobody has written anything.

I would love to know what people are working on, and I'm pretty sure most people would be very happy to share given a little encouragement.


The page touts their "just-in-time loading" feature.  Is there a way to turn that off in user settings?  If not, I think I would hate that.  If I'm searching for something and I already found a relevant topic, I routinely just do a search on the page for a given term (where doing an actual forum search is overkill).  This wouldn't find things in the discourse case if you hadn't already scrolled to manually load every post.

In general, many of these newer forum tools seem to try to do too much "cool stuff", when really all that is needed are solid basics that are provided by the old standbys like phpBB.

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+1 for not having the "just-in-time" loading (or at least having the possibility to disable it).

It's a forum, not facebook. Searching for a keyword inside posts is very convenient at times. Also, in this direction, having a button or a setting for the possibility to have the whole topic "unrolled" in a single page rather than split in various pages, could be helpful for the same reason 

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Forums don't do this because of the server load.  Imagine the server having to piece together a single page for a thread that has 200+ replies to it?   If the forum is really popular (like KVR or GearSlutz), this would kill the server's response time and make the forum appear really slow to most users.  

Could we have integration with something like Pushbullet to receive notifications? That would be a really handy feature. I just started using it to see when people use my Plex server (using PlexPy) and I’m liking it. It would be nice to get notifications that way, instead of email. I like to keep email relatively clean.

By the way, I’m loving the new forum. It’ll take some getting used to, but I love the look and functionality so far. It sure beats the old one in my opinion. It has a very modern look to it.

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Never heard of pushbullet, but if there’s a Discourse plugin for it, then I guess we could use it…