Major forum update coming soon


I really like the new Discourse based forum, congratulations! And thanks to everyone involved!


Love the new forum. Congrats!

One issue I have (and was very surprised not to find it reported anywhere, yet) is that old links to forum topics don’t work. Everything that shows up in a Google search redirects to the root of the site.



Congrats on launching the new forum. The look is great, even if to be honest there are a few things that I would prefer, so here are some suggestions :slight_smile:

  • Consider relinking older posts to new ones using 301 redirect as the google search was useful for precise searches
  • might be possible already, but on the main page I would prefer seeing the different subforums. However I saw we can choose what appears from our profile page, so if it allows the filtering of the main page it’s cool
  • When I type a “:” symbol, it proposes me to include an emoticon… Why not, but if I want to write “:” then go to the next line by pressing “enter”, then it includes the emoticon. Not major but slightly disturbing/impractical
  • Category names are trimmed, would look better with the full name, just a quick css sizing I think.
  • also last but not least I completely relate to jimw’s statement above :

The page touts their “just-in-time loading” feature. Is there a way to turn that off in user settings? If not, I think I would hate that. If I’m searching for something and I already found a relevant topic, I routinely just do a search on the page for a given term (where doing an actual forum search is overkill). This wouldn’t find things in the discourse case if you hadn’t already scrolled to manually load every post.

In general, many of these newer forum tools seem to try to do too much “cool stuff”, when really all that is needed are solid basics that are provided by the old standbys like phpBB.

At the end of the day, simple forums without multi-level reply is the easiest thing to use, especially for technical forums I think. I am digging the new design but the simple, classic forumboard as the one before seemed much more practical for me.


I must retreat some of what I said above. After trying the just-in-time loading for some time, I must say I quite like it rather than paging. For searches in the whole topic, it’s even easier to scroll at the bottom of it and then do the search in the page for the term you are interested to.