Missing overrides

According to -Wsuggest-override, there seems to be a bunch of missing override keywords in JUCE 7.0.9 classes. The Expression class alone has dozens. I’d like to enable that warning, but wouldn’t want to suffer warnings about library code.

Do you know any easy way to suppress these from JUCE modules? Seems to be only in cpp files.

All talk about missing overrides is from 2016, which makes me wonder if i have something broken.

The default behaviour of clang is to only throw the warning if you’ve used override once elsewhere in the file. That way, if you use override, it will warn you if you fail to use it consistently, but it won’t throw tons of warnings for older files that predate override.

Looks like some of these older juce files have never had any overrides added. Expression hasn’t been touch in years except for a few cleanups.

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That’s good to know. I guess the default takes me half the way, helping to notice missing overrides in most cases in the future. Thanks!