Moving on

I wanted to make a quick post here to say that I am going to be leaving the JUCE team at the end of this month and to reflect a little on my time working on the team.

It’s hard to believe that this post is from 5 1/2 years ago! Time flies when you’re fixing bugs.

When I joined the team in 2016, JUCE was in a very different place. In the intervening years the team has grown and changed; we’ve moved companies, offices, and pushed a lot of code (alongside a few bugs here and there…). However the core of the framework - its community, openness, and inclusiveness - has remained and, as I prepare to leave this month, I wanted to make this post to say thank you. This forum and its members are an island of calm in an often tumultuous sea of online discourse. The knowledge and willingness of people to answer questions and help others is inspiring and certainly helped me to learn as a programmer as I am sure it has helped and will continue to help countless others.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on JUCE - I know that with the current (and future) team it will continue to grow and evolve and I’m excited to see where it goes!



You’ll be missed, Ed. Thanks a lot for your work. And a good continuation in the fortunate company that will hire you.


@ed95 You say that it’s hard to believe that it’s already been 5 1/2 years. I would say it’s insane what you have accomplished in only 5 1/2 years: from intern to a key force behind JUCE.

Thank you for all your great work, team spirit, humour and, … last but not least… UI interface scaling on Windows :wink:.


All the best Ed, you will be missed here!


Best of luck Ed, and thanks for all the great help you’ve given us over the years.

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You always provide solid answers to questions and quick response to issues. Thank you!

Best wishes in your new position!


Thank you @ed95 for all you did to JUCE and for us all!
The short time I worked with you at Roli is a dear memory to me.

All the best for the future, lucky whoever gets you on the team!

May the juce be with you!


Very sad to see you go @ed95 but your legacy will not be forgotten! Thank you for all your hard work to continually make JUCE a better framework for us all.



Best of luck Ed! Nice meeting you!

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Good luck, Ed! Best wishes for the future.

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Thanks for everything, Ed. Wishing you all the best. Take care.

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You’ll be missed for sure. ¡Buen viaje! =)

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Your talent, skill and dedication have been a great contribution both to the library and the community, good luck for the future!


All the best with your next chapter Ed. You’ve been a great asset to the community. Thank you!


Sad to see you go! Thanks for all the support and all the best for the future!

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I’m also sad to see you go and wish you all the best. You’ve been very helpful here in the forums and in the code! Good luck with the future!

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Thanks Ed for you hard work and activity on the forum! Bless you with whatever you’ll be doing next!

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Just saw this message and wanted to say:

a) Well done Ed! Amazing work, was a delight to have been able to work with you and watch you go from intern to rock-star!

b) Clearly your unspoken plan was actually to stick around just long enough to beat me and leave yourself as the highest contributor to the repo Contributors to juce-framework/JUCE · GitHub :slight_smile:


Thank @ed95 for you hard work. It’s a shame to see you leave.

So only 2 core developers left then Tom Poole and Reuk? That’s not a lot is it. Hope you guys have some new talent coming in?

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Don’t forget @attila who just joined and if you read closely they look for a replacement for the irreplaceable @ed95:

Just connecting the dots…

Looking forward to what the future brings!