MSVS 2005 on WINXP: jucedemo build errors for 1_43,42,and 41

hi i’m using windowsxp pro sp2 with msvs 2005 standard edition and i’ve been getting this error when trying to build jucedemo:

i never had this problem before so i thought that downloading older packages might solve the problem. and i went from 1_43 to 1_41 but nothing helped.

anyone have any ideas?

you’ve probably mixed up your win32 headers and libraries - check the include path and libs path against the ones in the juce readme.

does this look correct?

[quote=“laserbeak”]does this look correct?[/quote]

dunno why i also have the vc6 sdk installed. must have been needed for some older project i was working on. ut could that be the problem?

I listed the correct files in the readme. It looks like you’ve slapped a load of other random SDK directories before them in the search order, so of course that’s going to bugger things up!

oh ok, i hear that somewhere before but i guess now i’ve actualy learned.

so i’ve fixed the directories, but i’ve also noticed the same directories in the “Exclude Directories” list.

will that be a problem? i’m reading the docs but i don’t see why they’re there. i didn’t put them there…

anyone know what this is about?

when i get that error when building the juce project, i also get this one when trying to build the juce demo

and i did a file search and it doesn’t exist. is the project supposed to build this? the jucedemo? or is it supposed to be included in the .zip?

if the compiler has corrupted a file, do a clean rebuild! And of course the lib doesn’t exist until you actually compile the juce project - surely I explained all this in building instructions??

maybe an experienced programmer would understand that. i’m just making guesses here…

“looks at the instructions again”

nope don’t see anything about what i’m talking about"i think" though i’m not asking you to prove me wrong.

sorry you’re popping a vein over there!
don’t mean any harm, maybe you should get a cup of tea and relax or something? or hire some support?

sweet that did it.
and i genuinely am sorry that i’ve caused you so much frustration. if there is a book that would teach me how to deal with issues like this i would like to know. but as far as i know, it’s experienced users like yourself that teach people about these kinds of errors. not even the visual studio docs teach you about it, in a way that’s understandable to a newb that is.

so thanks

Don’t worry, all blood vessels are intact over here! If you’re struggling to get your head round just compiling it, then maybe I need to take another look at the readme docs and try to make it more newbie-proof!

that’s something i’ve always considered doing, i have a bad habit of not documenting what i do. as soon as i get something workng i just get so excited and rush to the next thing.

i’ve been trying to figure out how to open and play it using your audiodemo.cpp and trying to get the graphics() function to change the color of the hello world text for 6+ hours now.

and have almst forgotten all of the things i needed to figure out earlier :oops: