Msysgit & jucequake

Hi all,

I 'm trying to access the modules branch and if I do what jules described here something happens but it doesn’t seem that I really get the modules branch. When I compile the Introjucer, it looks like the usual one whithout a modules tab in new projects (Edit: when I click on update it says V1.54.57). Also the src/ directory seems to stay the same as in the master branch.

These are the commands I use and outputs I get:

  • Clone
  • Checkout modules branch

Any idea what I might do wrong or whether this is an issue with msysgit (version is

@Jules: As you already provide a zip-download for the master branch (though it is - afaik - only available via the Introjucer) could you do the same for the modules branch for us git-noobs. Of course this only makes sense if the jucequake won’t be over shortly.


did you see the last post from jules

[code]…and a further note - apparently “git checkout -b origin/modules” doesn’t work for some people. Odd, because it did work for me. Ah well, if you have trouble with it, you might need to just do:

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git checkout modules

Installing a current msysgit solved the problem.
“git checkout modules” threw an error message that some files had changed with the older version.