MultiOutSynth Example doesn't seem to work in AAX format


For some reason Pro Tools 12 doesn’t like multiple outputs. It happens with the MultiOutSynth example that comes along JUCE. No errors or crashes, the outputs are being created in Pro Tools but nothing plays out of the output channels. Any ideas?


Does anyone even have any idea how to start debugging this? :smile:

Hmmm I don’t seem to have a problem with this. You need to create an instrument track, put MultiOutSynth on that track, create a few mono aux tracks and then select the MultiOutSynth outputs as inputs on those aux tracks:

Oh my god! It needs to be an aux-track? :sob::joy:

I’ve battled this issue far too long :smiley: I always tried with regular audio track… Yes, works flawlessly, thanks! :smiley: