Multiple dsp filters to make an EQ

Hello everyone!
I’m learning to program in JUCE and as a test, I’m making a graphic equalizer; however I don’t quite know how I should add the filters (DSP MODULE):
Should I add the filters one by one? (There are 30 filters in total)
Or is there another way a little more comfortable and not so long? As for example using a single filter and only change the frequency of the Fader I moved.

Thank you very much.

It would probably make sense to put them into some kind of a container and then add them in a for loop. Then you’d need some way of tracking which filter is which, could use an enum, or a map, etc… in any case, I personally wouldn’t write out 30 instances as individual member variables.

This is a pretty vague question, if you could be more specific I’m sure you’ll get some good advice here.