Multiple Projucer builds and account details

I’m often switching between different builds of projucer, due to some custom branches of JUCE but also when switching between OSes.

Projucer seems to be forever “losing” my account details which forces me to re-enter them. It’s kind of a flow killer and I’m worried about getting the splash screen badge on a release build.

Can this be fixed?

We’ve pushed a fix for this to develop in 9f29553. If you rebuild the Projucer with that commit then licenses saved to disk by a JUCE 5 Projucer will stay signed in, but unfortunately we can’t fix older JUCE 6 Projucer versions.

The splash screen option in the Projucer just sets JUCE_DISPLAY_SPLASH_SCREEN=0 - as a JUCE licence holder you are entitled to define this yourself in your builds so you don’t need to worry about getting the splash screen in releases.