New JUCE Book for absolute newbies

Well, after 5 years of my online course about JUCE 1.5 publication on the Intuit platform I’ve heard my Russian-speaking students and I’ve rewritten my lectures as a book (sorry, only in Russian).

I looked through all the text and code examples for compatibility with JUCE 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2 and deleted several silly mistakes. Besides, I’ve added into the book one generalized part of 3 chapters in which I describe the development process of 3 simple desktop games:

So, that’s a result: 293 pages, 99 figures, 57 code examples (simple applications), pdf, mobi and epub format. There’s a paper version, too. A piece of the book to read is here.
I hope, the forum leaders won’t suggest this post as unwanted advertizing. Otherwise I will delete all the links.


Any chance it may be translated to English?

Unfortunately, English is not my native language. But I’ll try to translate it in brief in the new year.

Initially I plan to translate to English comments in the source code of examples from the book. Do you think, is it better to spread examples’ sources as a separate package?

Wonder if some how you could apply translatiion software, Google translate, etc. to translate the book into English for instance.

While you can try one example from my book (JBHangman game): (there’s an English interface).
Its sources you can find here: