Juce online course

About half a year ago I wrote the book about the Juce as a start point for newbies like me. :wink:
Alas, any editor didn’t decide to publish it. However 13.07.2012 at the Intuit Internet University the first free online course on the Juce library in Russian was published.
For me it is bad, since I lose possibility to take the book in my hands and to earn on its sale, but it is good opportunity for community of beginning Juce developers which understand Russian, because all lectures are accessible to free studying, and sources of their examples are free to load for subsequent studying. And now everybody which passed this course has a chance to become the certificated specialist in development of crossplatform applications using Juce.
The certificate looks like this.

Can’t understand a word of it, but :smiley:

Pity! Although Google Translate helps… :wink:
If seriously, I shall translate sources of the course’s examples and and post links here. Your demo application is excellent, but I suppose that it is more convenient for newbies to study Juce using a set of simple step by step examples…

These tutorials seem really good; Google Translate translates them well. +1 for an official English translation though - something like this would have been quite helpful when I was first starting with Juce.