New jucer : How to add script build phase?

Hello Jules,

I’m looking at the new Jucer, and this seems wonderfully promising !

Until now, I was using some custom build phase run scripts.
Similarly, I also include some external frameworks like the apple ‘accelerate.framework’, or add some customs line in the info.plist.

But now with the new Jucer, they got overwritten in the Xcode project each time I click Save Project and Open.

So would be great if Jucer could merge with existent stuff and not create from scratch each time, or if it allow some kind of user section like the old jucer has for UI.

Any other ideas beside hacking the jucer_ProjectExport_XCode.h each time you update the trunk ?


Thanks! Merging with the existing xcode project would be almost inconceivably difficult, so no chance of that happening!

But I’m certainly up for adding extra features like this that people need. I think you can already add extra frameworks by using the custom command-line parameter setting to specify them. Adding a script phase wouldn’t be just a few lines of code - maybe an interesting programming challenge if you fancy it!