Newbie question: Enabling OpenGL and Quicktime demos


Apologies for the newbie question. I’m having trouble enabling the OpenGL and Quicktime demos in the jucedemo app.

The app checks to see if JUCE_OPENGL or JUCE_QUICKTIME have been defined, and if not it disables those demos. I had a look through the code to see if there was an obvious place to define JUCE_OPENGL, and not finding anything I threw a #define JUCE_OPENGL 1 near the top jucedemo_headers.h. I was quickly met with linking errors (undefined symbols) when xcode tried to compile OpenGLDemo.o. I’m obviously missing something.


Go to your juce project. in juce_Config.h, uncomment the Open GL and Quicktime defines. Recompile the juce libs.

In your demo project, make sure you have Quicktime.framework and agl.framework.


Thanks for pointing me to the juce_Config.h file, Bruce. Can’t believe I missed that.

I uncommented the OpenGL define, but I’m still getting undefined symbol linking errors. I definitely have AGL.framework and OpenGL.framework in my list of frameworks and my targets.

[quote]warning prebinding disabled because of undefined symbols
Undefined symbols:
/Users/dlemmon/dev/testBuild/tempFiles/ reference to undefined __ZN4juce15OpenGLComponent15internalRepaintEiiii
/Users/dlemmon/dev/testBuild/tempFiles/ reference to undefined __ZN4juce15OpenGLComponent20renderAndSwapBuffersEv
/Users/dlemmon/dev/testBuild/tempFiles/ reference to undefined __ZN4juce15OpenGLComponent5paintERNS_8GraphicsE
/Users/dlemmon/dev/testBuild/tempFiles/ reference to undefined _ZN4juce15OpenGLComponentC2EPS0
/Users/dlemmon/dev/testBuild/tempFiles/ reference to undefined __ZN4juce15OpenGLComponentD2Ev

It looks like I’m still missing a step. I’ve checked the paths to the frameworks, and everything is pointing to valid directories and files.

I’m not quite sure where to look next.


You need to actually rebuild the Juce library as well as your app.

That worked, of course. Thanks very much for your help and patience.