Not all header files showing up in Source for MidiMessageTutorial

Hi All, I’m working through the MidiMessageTutorial and saw that it mentioned two versions of the header file. I checked the folder and both files were there, but only one shows up in the “source” dropdown (with the Main.cpp file) both in the Projucer and in the codeblocks project file it creates. Is this a known bug, or is it likely that I’ve done something to my settings? Or is it expected behavior that only the second header file is included (since they are different versions of the same file?)

Sorry quick edit:
OS Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
Using JUCE v5.4.1

This is intentional. At the bottom of the tutorial it says:

The code for these modifications can be found in the MidiMessageTutorial_02.h file of the demo project.

The second file is a completed solution so you should be working through the MidiMessageTutorial_01.h file along with the tutorial and then you can compare your code to the second file.

Thanks for the reply. In that case, should the Projucer project have MidiMessageTutorial_1 listed under source by default? At the moment it lists MidiMessageTutorial_2 on first open.

Yep, I’ll get that sorted out. Thanks for the heads up.