Online education platforms to learn C++

Nowadays, there is a lot of online education platforms to learn anything you want, free or paid access.

For C++, I can mention:

There is also Kadenze (free audit, paid for Premium access) for digital arts that also has a JUCE plugin development course from Output.

If you use any of it. Which one is your favourite platform? Why do you suggest it? Is there a trade-off between content and monthly fees?


1 Like - great free resource for C++ - OpenGL - this YouTube is pretty good for those who prefer video lessons. Free as well.


I learned C++ from, with virtually no prior knowledge. It’s well written, engaging and teaches you everything you need to know about the basics. I’ve never paid for content like this, so perhaps I’m ill qualified to make the comparison, but I don’t imagine that you would get much more out of a paid course that you get on this site for free.


I made this:
There are a few folks in @JoshuaHodge’s The Audio Programmer discord who enrolled and went through it. It’s very thorough.


I absolutely loved the C++ series by TheCherno and would highly recommend it