OSX 32-bit build problem

I get link problems when building for 32bit:


Undefined symbols for architecture i386:

  "juce::juce_OpenQuickTimeMovieFromStream(juce::InputStream*, MovieType**&, char**&)", referenced from:

      juce::QTAudioReader::QTAudioReader(juce::InputStream*, int) in libjuce.a(juce_audio_formats.o)


I have the QuickTime framework on the link line... what else could be the issue?  I'm on Mavericks.

Have you included the juce_video module?


  "_QTMediaTypeSound", referenced from:

      juce::CameraDevice::Pimpl::startRecordingToFile(juce::File const&, int) in libjuce.a(juce_video_184321c8.o)

      juce::CameraDevice::Pimpl::addDefaultAudioInput() in libjuce.a(juce_video_184321c8.o)

ok, I needed "QTKit" and "QuickTime" frameworks...