PACE Eden tools without Pro Tools

I’ve already compiled and singed my AAX plugins with PACE EDEN tools. But I have no idea how to test it?
I have no Pro Tools, I tried Pro Tools First, but there is no option to launch 3-rd party plugins.

I was speaking with AVID, and they told me they will give me license for Pro Tools developer version, and shortly after that I redeived PACE central certificate, and EDEN tools licences. But I still haven’t received Pro Tools developer picense. So I started wondering that maybe I do something wrong? Maybe PACE central certificate license and EDEN tools license should be enaugh to run Pro Tools developer?

Have anyone such experience with it?

For any help great thanks in advance.

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The license for Pace products and Avid products are not the same thing.

Get back to your contact at Avid and request your Pro Tools developer license. They’re usually pretty quick to deposit the NFRs you need to get on with your work once you’re up and running with them then you’ll get a version of Pro Tools you can test in.

It should be clear from the Pace documentation available within Pace Central and the Pace SDKs what those are offering you but if not reach out to Pace to discuss them.

All of your engagements with both firms will be under NDA, so here is not really the place to ask for help, for Pro Tools details you will need to ask in the Avid developer forum, or discuss Pace matters with Pace directly (but first read the documentation thoroughly, absolutely everything you need to know is in there, although there is a lot so it might take a little time to find the bits you need).

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Great thanks for your answer.
I also wonder which version of Pro Tools should I download when I receive license. Will they tell me? Because there are planty of Pro Tools versions to download.

By the way, you are right I should ask on AVID developers forum. But the problem is I’ve never received any answer for any of my question on those forums. But no matter what, for sure it’s my last post here about those things.

Thanks for your advice.

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Have a look at your iLok license manager. Chances are they didn’t forget but it silently popped up there.

For development I would go with the latest, and download others if you get user reports about problems in a specific version. That’s why you have access to the historic versions as well.

Ok, thanks to answer, but I check my iLok account every half hour from about week, and no NFR Pro Tools license can be found

In that case I would send them an email. It usually doesn’t take long to deposit a license, so I think it might have gone lost on the way.
They have an email address only for that service, you should be able to find it in the files in your SDK that you downloaded. All information should be there.