AAX Compiling and PACE Signature - ProTools (express 10) won't recognize

Guys, I really need some advice on this, as both Avid and Pace could be a bit slow on the reply. (but they are helping me out, nonetheless)

I finally got all the stuff required to sign the AAX files created with JUCE. I'm currently testing on OSX 10.9 + XCode 5. I tried some of the AAX included examples plus my own JUCE project Wusik 4000. I used the PACE Eden tools to sign and VERIFY the aax files, all good. But ProTools 10 Express will not recognize the files, telling me either is not signed correctly or damaged, and it won't tell me which... :-\ hummm, now what?

I will try to post all the steps I have done, but they are the ones from the list they gave me.

I'm wondering if maybe the Digital Certificate I created using KeyChains is the faulty one? Or something else?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Cheers, WilliamK

Beware that you need at least Protools 10.3.5 as they have changed the signing method


Wooot? That sucks. So I got the Express version just to test and now I can't? Thanks for pointing that out. I will check which version they gave me with the Fast Track USB I got, and see if there's any way I can update. :-( Still, I see on their site that I can use for 30 days ProTools 11. Can I use it to test my AAX files?

Still, compiling in Windows is a major PITA, as it keeps complaining about library problems. Compile with MD instead of MT, and stuff like that. I got in the end, after changing the settings for the project, but I wonder if I'm doing it right... ;-)

Thanks again! That's why I ask things here. :-)

Well, this sucks, I just checked which version they gave...

Pro Tools Express 10.3.4 Installer (Mac) (791.94 MB)

So, not only no one will be able to use our AAX files with the Express version, I can't even test... what the heck? I will contact Pace and see what they have to say about this. ;-)

I'm checking their site but cannot find where to upgrade. I will contact support... Thanks again! ;-)

Eden signatures require Pro Tool 10.3.5 or higher.  This is a known issue and your choice is basically to force your customers to upgrade to PT 10.3.5+ or provide a separately signed version for 10.3.4 and lower using the older PACE tools.

I didn't check all of them but the plug-in "Wusik 4000 Signed.aaxplugin" loads fine here on OSX PT 11.1.2 so it looks like your signing process is correct.

Thanks guys, I'm glad it works. I will remove the ZIP, just in case. ;-) So now I need to get my hands on a more up-to-date version, and remind users they can't use the Express version. :-\ Man, that is really bad... but I guess Avid is so big that they can do that. ;-) :-p

All good now, Pace replied and sent me the old tools too, and confirmed that I need a newer version of PT in order to work the new sign-process. I don't know how many people use the Express version, so I will do both types and just add a check in the installer.

Thanks again for helping me out! :-)

Ok, here's the deal, I'm still stuck on Windows...

MAC, it works:

- ProTools Express - I use the old Pace signature tools (ashelper something)

- ProTools 10/11 - the new Eden tools

On Windows, PT Express, none will work out. BUT, here's the thing, I downloaded a free AAX file and it uses the Eden signature and it loads. But not my aax files with either signature.

What now? :-(

I would do your testing with the Debug version of Pro Tools 11. This will allow you to verify that your AAX is compiled and works properly, without having to worry about your Pace signing. You should be able to download the debug version of PT11 from your PT Dev account.

After this is up and running, I would ask for help in the Developer forum for Pro Tools, as there are a lot of things that are under NDA that can't be discussed in a public forum like this. Look for a thread called PACE.

My other suggesting is to focus on AAX64, and maybe ignore 32-bit AAX. I've run into various issues with AAX in Pro Tools 10, where these issues don't happen in Pro Tools 11. Same exact Juce plugin code, with the only difference being whether it is compiled for 32-bits or 64-bits. Meanwhile, PT10 still runs RTAS, which doesn't seem to have these issues, and certainly won't have Pace signing issues.

Sean Costello

Thanks bud, all good, I won't bother you guys anymore. ;-) <hug>