Panda Free Antivirus says Projucer contains a virus

I just downloaded JUCE, and wanted to launch Projucer, but Panda Free Antivirus reported that it contains a virus and deleted it. It doesn't give any more details about it. The weird thing is that if I right click Projucer.exe and choose "Scan with Panda Antivirus" it reports that there is no problem.

I'm not sure if I can tell Panda to accept this file, but even if that is possible I want to be sure that it is not really infected by a virus on the developer's computer.

I don't know the internals of Projucer, but I can imagine it injects something into the binaries you compile with it for the live coding features and this triggers the heuristics of a antivirus (because changing a compiled binary is what viruses normally do).

It would be really awkward if a product like this comes shipped with a virus...

Well, we definitely don't ship it with a virus!

Probably a false alarm by the virus checker, but you should probably check that something else isn't infecting it after it has downloaded.

Usual approach is to upload it to who will check it against all the AV vendors.  If it's only Panda showing it on virus total then submit it to Panda.  Make it clear it's a probable false positive. 

I just scanned it on, and they all say it doesn't contain a virus. But this is probably equivalent to right-clicking the executable and selecting scan, which also declared it safe on my laptop. Only when I run projucer.exe it I get the warning.

I guess I'll try to make Panda Antivirus accept it, take a deep breath and launch it.

Hi Jules,

I didn't mean to imply that you would do it on purpose, and I'm not sure if you read my post like that. But I have read about other companies that posted executables online for downloading that were infected without them knowing, infecting many computers. So I suspected something like that happened.

Therefore I would like to ask: do you scan executables before making them available for downloading?

Thanks. We obviously check our development machines, but don't explicitly check the binaries we build, assuming that if the machines are clean, then that's safe. But it might actually be a nice idea for us to add this as a step to our build-server, I'll make a note of that!