[PATCH] Enable MinGW support


Attached is patch which enables compilation with MinGW tools (latest git tip).

Makefile flags:
CFLAGS += -march=i686
and if you do not want to link with shared libgcc/libstdc++ add:
CFLAGS += -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++


P.S. your mileage may vary

Thanks! When I get a moment, I’ll see if I can roll some of those things into the build.

Are there still plans to integrate this into JUCE? It would be very nice to have a gcc-based build alternative also on windows. Especially when you want to use some of the new C++ 11 features that MSVC does not yet support, but GCC does.

I think I added these changes some time ago.

I’ve actually got a few ideas based around using clang, of which I’ll reveal more soon…

Sounds interesting! Look forward to hearing more about that.