Building JUCE on MinGW

I want to use JUCE on my programming environment (MinGW and Eclipse), but JUCE currently doesn’t support MinGW. Isn’t it possible to add JUCE MinGW support? Most of my applications that I develop use C++0X features and runs only with MinGW.

Since when did mingw get a decent compiler? The main reason I gave up trying to support it was because it was stuck at gcc3 for years!

I’ve no time to test it myself, but if people want to suggest workarounds for mingw problems, I’d be happy to discuss and consider them.

Old MinGW installer is replaced by the new installer, and the new installer uses gcc 4.5 (I installed gcc 4.6 by downloading each package manually from I can test everything on MinGW, and suggest workarounds as much as I can do. I believe that also other JUCE users can do these things besides me. Can you please support MinGW? It is very important for me, and many people may want to use JUCE on MinGW since it is much easier to develop multi-platform applications with MinGW.

FWIW visual c++ 2010 supports a lot of C++0x already

Thanks for the information otristan. I use C++0x on MinGW for several reasons which are that I develop commercial applications, I have Visual Studio 2008 license but I don’t have Visual Studio 2010 license, I generally use Eclipse (Eclipse is my favourite IDE), and I don’t want to spend time to edit my code for gcc. If I use MinGW, it is already compiled with gcc. The last reason is that gcc is my favorite compiler.

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