minGW 64-bit w/ gcc 4.9.2

I successfully used Juce w/ 2 different 64-bit minGWs using gcc 4.9.2, one from Stephan T. Lavavej (aka STL, from Microsoft's C++ team), the other from TDM, but had to tweak a number of things in Juce, most importantly the order of some network headers.

Is this worth reporting or is minGW considered too much of a hack?


-- p

Sure. If they are simple fixes that don't break the Visual Studio compiler. However, from my experience, the mingw compiler can't be used for Plug-In development as both the VST SDKs and the AAX SDK need plenty of patches to work with mingw. 

I have a plugin host that uses juce for handling VST2/3 plugins and it works just fine using mingw (cross-compiled from Linux).

I haven't tested building of plugins, but it will probably work as well.


looks like those were generic minGW issues that should be fixed upstream.

-- p