Path to nested multiple user modules

I have two user modules repositories and I store them in one folder. In Projucer it looks like it is OK, but after opening the project in xCode then the modules files can’t be found. It looks like it misses some part of nested path.

Let me show on example. I have modules organised as follows:

When I set in Projucer in global path to user modules the top folder “UserJuceModules”, and I add to project the module “user1_gui”, then in xCode path to that module looks like that:
“UserJuceModukes/user1_gui”. So it misses one step of the path. And missed path element is “user1_lib”.

It looks like to solve the problem I should have all modules directly in “UserJuceModules”. But I can’t do that because as you can see both modules have it’s own “.git” folder.

So is there any other workaround for that issue?

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best Regards