Paths and modules compile error VS2015

Hi Guys.

Have wanted to write some VST plugins using JUCE, but having problems from the start-
Have tried to figure it out but no go I keep getting the same error when trying to compile. Wether it’s a demo-project or what not

“No global header fil included” seems to be the mantra.
From what i see it’s related to the modules and path, maybe also the “VST3 SDK” directory.

Compile error messages like this:

Error C1189 #error: “No global header file was included!” (compiling source file …\SDKs\JUCE-WINDOWS\modules\juce_audio_basics\juce_audio_basics.cpp) JucerPlug1 c:\sdks\juce-windows\modules\juce_core\system\juce_targetplatform.h 63

Seem to be getting the same error for ALL module entries.

I’ve tried entering absolute path to the modules:

Makes no difference.

I’m not used to feeling like an idiot so I’d really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on this?

Im using Visual studio 2015 and the last JUCE version.


Just some sanity checks:

Are you using a new, clean copy of JUCE? Which version?

Do you see the error if you create a new GUI project?