Troubleshooting Tutorial Projects

Kinda embarrassing but I’m stuck on just the tutorial. I’m using visual studio 2019 and getting a bunch of errors related to my modules which I haven’t touched. I’m assuming there’s some path problem. Here are the error (I need to post more but this forum won’t let me)

So running this in visual studios, I get the ‘triggered a breakpoint’ error. Just says “failed to find a compatible input configuration”.

I changed the paths to global in Juce and now I get the ‘Project structure does not match the saved headers! Please re-save your project to enable compilation’

I ran test file again (GUI app) and it worked, printing out hello world screen. Even though I made zero changes whatsoever.

Uncheck “Use global module path” to actually use the “Modules Folder” that you chose.
Otherwise, you need to make sure that the Global Paths are properly set.

@ed95 could you please make the “Use global module path” box uncheck when selecting a folder as “Modules Folder” above?

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I’ve tested various ways (checking it off) and it still has the same issue unfortunately. I managed to get the window tutorial working but this audio plug-in tutorial keeps running into this compatible input problem.