Plugin Demo: Question, maybe bug about MSVC++ project config


Not having the requisite libraries, I build the demo plug-in for VST/Windows only. It compiled and linked fine, but the only apparent executable it built was a file with a .dpm extension. I reconfigured Visual Studio 2005 Express to output the executable with a .dll extension and was able to load the dll into the plug-in host where it ran as expected. If I’ve configured the include files to build only a VST on the Windows platform, shouldn’t the project configuration automatically produce a .dll? If a manual reconfiguration inside the IDE is needed, shouldn’t it should be noted in the “How to use the framework.txt” ?

Please clarify – thanks! BTW Juce version is 652.


I thought I explained this in the readme, but maybe not.

Because it now builds a single dll that runs as an RTAS and VST, it just spits out one binary that works as boths formats, and you just copy or rename it as .dll or .dpm to do either job. I guess I left the project set to .dpm because that’s the more tricky one to configure, but changing it to .dll is the right thing to do if you’re only doing a VST.