Project Type per configuration in the Introjucer

Hi Jules.

Before using the Introjucer I used to have 2 configurations for my plug-in (Visual Studio):

  1. DLL
  2. EXE (using the StandaloneFilterWindow)

I used the EXE mode for faster testing.

Is there a way to achieve that using the Introjucer? from what I see you can only set VST/EXE per project and not per configuration.


I find the best thing is to build it as the DLL. Then in Visual Studio, set up the debugger to launch the PluginHost application and the command line option should be a premade .filtergraph file with your DLL loaded and whatever else connected up.

That way you can test the audio input and also the MIDI input from the PluginHost as well by just hitting debug in VS.

Thank Anima

Till now I’ve managed to avoid using Juce as a DLL, maybe it’s time to rethink it or maybe I’ll write a post-Introjucer script to complete
my configuration.

I also need to be able to wrap sever Juce projects in 1 SLN file with shared configuration and other stuff too.
I guess that with time the Introjucer will have more functionality.