Plugin Host for Linux

I am new to JUCE. I've managed to build the demos and run some of them and have written a basic gain plugin and successfully built it. I see a .so file as the final product but how to i use it? LMMS expects a .dll file for VST. What am I missing?

TBH I know very little about plugins on linux, but if your host is looking for a .dll file, just renaming the .so should do the trick!

..and is it generally true that VSTs on linux must have the .dll suffix? If so, I should change the introjucer to use that by default.

lol, really?


*.dll files are for windows, *.so files are for linux.

LMMS for some reason decided to support Windows VSTs (using Wine on Linux) and not native vsts (ie, linux ones).


If you're looking for a real linux plugin host, take a look at my own:

(there are pre-compiled binaries if you don't feel like building it)


Ardour3 and Qtractor can also load linux vsts.


I need to keep Ardour uninstalled for now since it interferes with a project that I am working on.


I will try the link you shared. Thank you :)