Plugin install and OpenOffice (Java)?

This is just weird, but some users told me that our new Juce based plugin, Wusik Station V6, only works after they install OpenOffice which includes a Java install. But, it still keeps working after they uninstall the Java. What could I understand from that? :roll: My DAW has OpenOffice installed, therefore, I can’t confirm the problem.

Just curious about this, to see if anyone else also had this problem.

Best Regards, WilliamK

Have you compiled it with MSVC? Depending on your compiler settings, you may need to include the VC runtime DLLs in your installer for the binary to run. Because so many other apps also install these DLLs, most people’s machines probably already have them, so it’s an easy thing to miss.

Ahhhhhhhhh :oops: It makes sense. I’m using the free microsoft express compiler, so I have to figure out where to do that… :wink:

Thanks bud.

Ok, some bad and some good news.

First, the Express edition doesn’t allow me to link the libraries, ohhh, booo microsoft… :roll:

But, the good news is that I can just include the actual files in my install and just forget about things…

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

What I do is run the installer with /q and it installs right away the required files. I even added it to my innosetup files:

WelcomeLabel1=Wusik Station Data Folder Register
WelcomeLabel2=This will register the Wusik Station Data Folder and also install some required MSVC files. Be sure that the folder you are running this file from is the actual Data path for Wusik Station

AppName=Register Wusikstation Data Folder
AppVerName=Wusikstation VSTi

Source: “msvc_redist_x86.exe”; DestDir: “{tmp}”;

Filename: “{tmp}\msvc_redist_x86.exe”; Parameters: “/q”; Description: “Finalizing Installation”;

Root: HKCU; Subkey: “Software\WusikEngine\Wusikstation”; ValueType: string; ValueName: “WE DataDirectory”; ValueData: {src};
Root: HKCU; Subkey: “Software\WusikEngine\Wusikstation”; ValueType: string; ValueName: “WE SkinFolder2”; ValueData: “Default”;[/code]