Plugin Selling Partner/Platform


I have made some great plugins with a great developer.

I also do other things apart from designing (like making music) so I am looking to partner with a platform that will do the marketing/sales for me.

I know of Tracktion, Plugin Alliance and Slate, but are there other parties that I could talk too?

Any help much appreciated!

Not really an answer to your question, but have you considered setting up a store at fastspring for example? It’s really easy…

Hi gustav!

I will investigate but that still leaves me with the marketing aspect!

And I just dont have enough time for that… :wink:


To add to your list the ones I know:

to be continued

But I am afraid completely without marketing effort there won’t much happen regardless where you put it. How would people know they need exactly your plugin?

thanks for the list!

that is exactly why I am looking for a partner to help me with that :wink: