Plugin showing up twice in Logic

Weird little issues I see lately.

For some reason a couple of my plugins are now showing up twice in Logic X.
I can’t find anything specific about the plugins doing this, and have combed through the settings / plists etc to look for things that are different with these two, but to no avail.

I do not have this in both the user Lib and system lib, there is just one file.

If I delete that AU file (the .component in the system lib in this case) then both plugs disappear from the plugin manager.

Deleting the Audiounit cache, or logic caches, doesn’t help either (deleting the cache forces a full rescan, but Logic still wants to count this file twice for some reason).

Anyway, I’m at a loss, so wondering if anyone else has seen this before?

Here is the plugin manager window:

Did you build your plugin as AUv3?

No, v2. Ableton doesn’t support v3 yet so I am holding back.

Again, there are only a couple of the dozen or so plugs I am building that do this too.

Did you compare reported Ids?
Do you have only one component or there might be one in User Library?

I’ve noticed this without any apparent reason and doing a completely clean build seems to fix it. Maybe something in the the .component isn’t updated properly.

Aha! Thinking about your comparing Ids suggestion I did a rescan of each within the plugin manager.
They are slightly different.

The JucePlugin_PluginCode must have gotten changes somewhere along the way.

The thing is, if I delete the component file they both vanish from Logic.

So, I think what is happening is that Logic is remembering an older version of the plugin that had a different pluginCode (must be cached somewhere).

I tried deleting the system AU cache, and the Logic cache files, plus a full rebuild. Still seeing double.

Other DAWs aren’t doing this, they see just the single AU of course.

I think Logic must be caching it somewhere I’m not seeing. darn.

Did you try a clean project?

Also, a few months ago one of the changes in JUCE was forcing capital letter in Manufacturer code.

If you have some subversion control I’d bisect as I’ve been taught here and proven to be really helpful in many cases.

If you want to remove Logic’s caches, you can use the demo version of 32 Lives and it has in its “Utilities” sub-menu options to remove Logic X’s and Logic 9’s caches.

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Ok, finally got this.

The rsrc file in the component was screwing it up somehow by retaining old info.

Clean + rebuild wasn’t fixing it because some of the resource files in the intermediate directory aren’t deleted on clean.

I manually deleted all the build folder in /Developer/xcode/DerivedData/productName and then rebuilt and the issue went away.

I thought I had done that once already, but I guess not. Oh well, good to get it.