Logic Plugin-Manager tries to locate previous component version

I returned to Juce after one year’s abscence, new macOS and new XCode.
So (in Finder) I copied an old working plugin project just to make sure everything was working ok. Opened in Juce, change project name, sent to Xcode and compiled.

Now something very strange happened. The plugin passed auvaltool, it also showed up in Garage band, but it did not show up in Logic. In Logic Plugin-Manager, only the previous name of the plugin (from last year) showed and the error was “could not open…”. So it passed auvaltool but not Logic’s plugin validation!

I made sure the old .component was removed, yes. The new version was in the plugin path. So it should work, it passed auvaltool. :anguished:

I want to post this finding I made after several hours of trying…

It turns out Logic somewhere keeps track of and stores the link between the Plugin code (preferably set in Projucer) and the Plugin name/component filename. So as long as the Plugin code was the same as the old project Logic could not find the new plugin although it was right there in the plugin path. Very strange.

I guess this link can be trashed somehow but not by trashing the preferences for Logic at least. I tried that.

Solution as far as I know is to give a copied plugin project a new Plugin code before proceeding.

Yup, this happened to us last week. We were able to prevent it by uninstalling the plugin, rerunning the plugin manager’s scan, and then removing the plugin from the manager’s list before restarting logic and rescanning the plugins

How did you uninstall the plugin?

I could not remove the old plugin in Logics Plugin Manager since it could not be found. But it was shown!