Plugin Standalone does not process audio with macOS deployment target greater than 10.11


I stumbled across a curious issue. When I build my audio plugin as a standalone application and the macOS deployment target is greater than 10.11 no input audio is received/processed.

I validated that when compiling with the deployment target set to 10.11 audio works but when it is set to 10.12 or higher, audio does not work.

I don’t see audio coming in on the audio buffers. I did check the Audio/MIDI Settings and confirmed that “Mute audio input” is not checked. I can click the “Test” button and hear a the expected test tone but no audio is coming in.

Is this a known issue?
Is there a fix or workaround?


OK, I figured it out.

There must be something going on with rebuilding the application and relaunching and macOS security/permissions.

If I delete the app binary and rebuild it, macOS will prompt me for microphone access. Once I do this, it works for the newer macOS deployment settings.

macOS must be caching the audio input permissions but they aren’t being applied when the deployment target is changed.

Making note of this for future use.

Makes sense - if you change the deployment target, you’re in fact producing an entirely different executable, which MacOS then has to codesign independently from any previous signing attempts.