Ppc build broken

in git tip, ppc build is broken:

.../juce_mac_Fonts.mm: In constructor 'juce::OSXTypeface::OSXTypeface(const juce::Font&)':
.../juce_mac_Fonts.mm:764: error: 'getFontTotalHeight' was not declared in this scope
.../juce_mac_Fonts.mm:765: error: no matching function for call to 'juce::OSXTypeface::getHeightToPointsFactor(CGFont*&)'
.../juce_mac_Fonts.mm:782: note: candidates are: virtual float juce::OSXTypeface::getHeightToPointsFactor() const

It seems these functions exist when “#if JUCE_CORETEXT_AVAILABLE” but they are used in its “#else” clause…

Adding these functions in the “#else” clause using CGFontGetAscent instead of CTFontGetAscent etc makes it build again. I hope it works too :slight_smile:
See https://github.com/yairchu/JUCE/commit/2f579fd2c6fb5b6ddffed0be09c3763256ec72b4

oops! Thanks, I’ll sort that out.