Problems with adding external module

I’m trying to add an external module to my JUCE project, nominally the dRowAudio module. i put it in the JUCE/module as told, and yet when I start a new JUCE project it doesn’t show it. If I try to “add it from specified folder”, and go search it inside the very Juce/modules folder, it tells me “This wasn’t a valid module folder!”
I really need some help here.

I would guess it’s just not compatible with the current Juce anymore. The latest code changes for it appear to be done in 2015. What are you looking to use from it?

it’s still for the harmonizer project I want to do. I struggled a lot to install SoundTouch and make it work with my project and still hadn’t succeeded, so then I found that module that wrapped it, and thought that I had the solution, at last…
Still searching for doing some kind of pitch shifting with juce…

This exactly, it looks like it still uses the old juce_module_info manifest too… seems to be an up-to-date fork.

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