Project based VST3SDK link?

Maybe it’s just me being blind, but is there a way to override the global VST/AAX/etc SDK links project by project?

I’d like to use the VST SDK as a Git submodule, but then every project I am resaving with Projucer will include the same SDK link instead of remembering their own SDK version. I would think there is a way to do it like with the Juce_modul folders, but can’t find it.

Any suggestion for a reasonable workaround if it’s not possible to override the global folders? I still can delete the global link and add the extra include dir to the project I guess, but then all those projects that were dependent on the global link will fail to compile after a resave.

If you go to the Xcode/VisualStudio exporters for your project(s) there are fields for VST3 and AAX SDK paths, and these can be relative :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I had a feeling it’s me being blind. But I was searching for them in the project setup and somehow didn’t thought it’s in the exporter’s setup.