Projects requiring Core Audio will not build with Xcode 6.2 Yosemite

I'm trying to follow the tutorial for a new VST audio plugin. The project creates as it should but when I build I get the following error:

/Applications/ failed with exit code 3.

After reviewing this Juice Post:

I realized the issue was missing Core Audio files, and if I click on Build Phases --> compiled sources, I can see the missing cpp files.

AUBase.cpp, AUBuffer.cpp etc

The post says to simply download the Core Audio SDK, but it appears there is no longer a link on the  for it. I remember looking for it before and I think its been discontinued.

I don't understand how others are getting past this step. If I look in the Core Audio Framework, The classes are not the same.

I also have the same problem with the audio plugin example apps in the Introjucer. The other examples that do not require the Core Audio classes are all building and running.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I Typed the name of one of the missing classes in google and found a link to this old apple docs page, which had a 'download sample code' button.


It was basically the Core Audio file tree that needed to be added to the directory.

They did not make it easy.

Now I just need to find the Steinberg files.


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The Steinberg files are here:

You want the "VST 3.6.0 Audio Plug-Ins SDK". It's good for both VST3 and VST2.

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