Projucer 4.3.1 problem with on-screen keyboard

Hi, just built the latest Projucer and every time I click in a box to edit text the Windows on-screen keyboard comes up. Is there anyway to disable this? I have this disabled in Windows so I don’t really want this popping up constantly…


Hi, this is now happening in my Juce created apps too… how do I turn it off, it’s highly annoying…

It’s very annoying. Fabian tweaked something recently as per this thread: On-Screen Keyboard didn’t show up when focus on input component.

Still hoping for a resolution.

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Yup will look into this…

OK this should be fixed on develop now.

Yeah, it’s very annoying for us too. So we came back to the 4.3.0 meanwhile the fix.
(since we only integrate official release of Juce in our projects, we cannot benefit of new features available in 4.3.1)

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I also take the opportunity to ask if you have functional validation tests (or something else…) allowing to ensure the non regression of all the widgets/components (or at least a part of the framework) ?

'cause, as you know, it’s really important for us (and i think also for other software developers using Juce :slight_smile:) to control the level of regression, specially when you have customers facing us :slight_smile:
(in fact… just a question of quality for our customers…)

PS: May be this point has already been dealt in another thread…So sorry for that if it is…


This opens the big can of worm of how to unit test UI widgets…

I personally always liked the idea, but never found a good solution (but I admit I haven’t searched for long)


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Yep exactly! I think it would be good.
And in order to deal with this point (witch is not exactly the main point of this thread), I thought it would be better to open a new topic: Recommanded Juce Testing Tool